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Brian Levy

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My goal is to enhance business, IT operations, and organizational processes through MENTORING, TRAINING, and CONSULTING.

I have 22 years of experience in healthcare, finance, banking, insurance, and telecommunications sectors.

My ability to rapidly learn an organization’s culture and utilize my experience (i.e. as a developer, tester, analyst, project manager, configuration manager) to deliver practical mentoring and training enables quick adoption of best practices and results to client organizations.


Rhonda Coombes

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My goal is to enable organizations to realize their strategic goals through strategic alignment. I have successfully led multiple Fortune 500 PMOs through an agile transformation. 

I have over 2o years of diverse work experience from customer advocacy, to engineering development, to strategic alignment and delivery. 

My analytic approach stresses the importance of using empirical data to enable timely decision-making, allowing organizations to invest in the right outcomes to achieve maximum value and benefit results

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