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Do you have a strategy, but you are not achieving the outcomes that you planned? If you are struggling with an issue but you need an innovative solution. We are here to help!

Bridgeport helps with 

  • Improved strategy 

  • Assured execution 

  • Improved competency 

  • Improved commitment 

  • Increased understanding 

  • Ordered solutions 



it's important to know the exact nature of the gap between where you are now and your desired outcome.


our assessment services can help provide a fresh, experienced perspective which generates insight beyond what is produced internally. 

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The assessment begins with an examination of the strategy (mission, vision, strategic goals, etc.) along with the associated outcomes. 


We, then, review (or craft if necessary) the specific success indicators that reveal outcome attainment. 


Next we conduct an examination of the assumptions that underlie the approach to obtain the strategy.  We examine the planned initiatives, activities, outputs and plans around usage to validate their capability to actually produce the outcomes (including examination of the end product, interim products and planned processes) to determine whether or not they are forecasted to meet the desired outcomes.  


Finally, we arrive at a conclusion concerning strategic alignment to vision, recommendation for portfolio scope changes, and forecasts. 


what we have found is that 30% or more of the activities performed by an organization have no relation to the strategic goals of the organization.  Removing that 30% frees up resources which can be reallocated to more useful endeavors for the organization which, in most cases, enables a 30% increase in productivity in less than 6 months

Grainy Surface
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