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Bridgeport has over twenty years of experience with agile assessment and delivery for Fortune 500 Technology clients. Our mission is to help businesses with unique strategies to improve company dynamics. 


Bridgeport has taught over forty-one different agile courses which build the underlying skills necessary to implement agile successfully. 

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"I have been in corporate America since 1992. What I noticed over the years is that people would see the same data but come to different conclusions. As beliefs drive behaviors, different conclusions inevitably drive different behaviors. When people in the same organization decide to behave in ways that in not in concert, alignment is impossible to achieve. Misalignment lowers productivity, lowers morale, and has a negative correlation to maintaining quality."

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We, at BridgePort started to study the source of misalignment. We discovered a phenomenon where leaders had different assumptions about the future and different beliefs concerning the goals that they wish to accomplish. Inevitably, different goals and different assumptions lead to misalignment. When we investigated how people came to different conclusions, we discovered that people were accepting different assumptions as facts. The inclusion and exclusion of those different facts propagated conclusions. With different conclusions came silos… misalignment.

Additionally, we noticed that misalignment drove goal-switching. When people come to different conclusions and they often sense that achieving the common goal is not realistic. Instead of coming together to realign around the goal, they often find it easier to pick smaller, more achievable goals to focus on. When they suboptimize on the smaller achievable goals, alignment dissipates at an even faster rate. Unfortunately, when it happens, people within the organization convince themselves that they are “doing the right thing”. Often, they will even work harder and faster with their new, suboptimized goal then the original, common goal. In this way, they perpetuate misalignment without realizing it.

We have found that the most effective way to interrupt this pattern is to uncover the assumptions quickly and link them to the organizational goals. The traceability between the goals and assumptions must be visible for all to see. The visibility enables 2 important processes to occur:

1) When assumptions are linked to the goal and portions of the goal, the organization has the ability to validate whether or not the assumptions are valid. Once we remove attention from invalid assumptions, the organization has the space to rally around a common set of valid assumptions… enabling true alignment.

2) When assumptions are linked to goals, management has the ability to appropriately monitor the assumptions related to each goal. When conditions are no longer conducive to goal achievement, management can more easily see it, and pivot. This enables the type of goal switching that is positive, led by management, and communicable which enables better alignment.


We have many happy customers as references

JoNataye Prather

Senior Project Manager at

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Bridgeport helps

secure jobs!

"I was able to secure a job with a Fortune 100 company thanks to Bridgeport Digital Solutions’ training series.
The comprehensive training, instructed by Brian Levy, provided me with a thorough overview of the purposes, roles, and skills of a scrum master and product owner as well as how I should position myself to become either. This now helps me in both my workplace and personal life.

David Grayson

Founder and CEO at

Grayson and Son Landscaping, D&I Express Delivery

Bridgeport helps

strengthen businesses!

"This has been probably the best 5 months that I can remember in a long time. I am very blessed to have been part of this training. Discovering scrum and agile made me far stronger at what I do. Both my businesses improved significantly to the point where my goals were achievable 1 or 2 years ahead of time. Hats off to the Bridgeport Digital family.

April Thornton

Project Coordinator and Administrative Manager at Reliant Captial Solutions

Bridgeport helps

improve project timing!

"Bridgeport’s SCRUM Master two-day course was very thorough and informative. Its learnings were easy to implement in real-life situations. The course allowed us to complete the onboarding process for one of our projects in less than 30 days – a process that previously took 90 days. This has been the best investment in myself and my career."

John Sheridan

Vice President Quality Analytics at CommuniCare Health Services

Bridgeport helps

double sales!

"I have used Brian Levy and his Bridgeport Digital Group to advise our implementation of agile development and assist with staffing to boost our results… his approach allowed us to break through product development and support by doubling our sales."
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Reach out to us, and let us know how we can help!

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