Executive search consulting is a specialized form of management consulting that clients may use to help them find a talented executive to fill a position.  Although we can offer you those services, we do not believe fulfilling a position is the best approach, especially if you want to attain a diverse set of candidates.  We believe that you should hire for the values, alignment to vision, and skills that best suit your organization.  We believe you should find the right people when you can and develop the people through challenging assignments that aid in expanding their abilities with the proper support.  In short, you need to develop leadership pipelines.


We at BridgePort aid in that effort.  We help surface the appropriate criteria that should be used for hiring.  Then we connect you with qualified candidates that meet that criteria.  Next we work with you to establish a baseline for the candidate's current ability and a forecast for their potential.  Then we work with you to determine if there is a current match for the candidate in your organization or whether we should create a candidate engagement plan in order to keep them ready and prepared for future opportunities with your organization.  When you place a candidate, we also work with you to examine their skills and those of the people around them to find the optimal organizational and process structure to make them successful.

We realized that strategy should encompass not just the high-level plans, but all the plans necessary to reach your desired outcome!